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We are aware of our responsibility

Sustainable packaging at top quality

Recycling paper, waste prevention and more

As successful, modern and above all innovative company, we are committed to protecting the environment, thereby maintaining and guaranteeing the highest degree of quality. To do our part in environmental protection, we use the valuable resources very sparingly. The logical consequence of this self-imposed commitment is that we exclusively make our products from 100% recycling paper.

Following the principle of placing waste avoidance above waste disposal, we are proud to have one of the lowest waste ratios in the industry. Unavoidable waste and offcuts are fed to the recycling loop or disposed of appropriately.

As another visible token of our responsibility towards our environment and the following generations, we already installed a photovoltaic system on our company building during the construction phase in 2013. This enables us to generate a large proportion of our required energy supply ourselves in an environmentally friendly way. Any excess is fed back into the public grid, benefiting the community due to the positive ecological balance.

Certified sustainability (FSC® C151301)

Since September 2019, UPA PACK has been providing products that are compliant with the international FSC standard. The audit by the certification body of the Technical Inspection Authority TÜV Nord certified that we meet the requirements of the FSC standard with regard to raw material procurement, production and operational processes.

Depending on the type of the FSC label, our customers can see whether the product is from FSC-certified forest management, whether recycling material was used exclusively (post-consumer-recycling material), or whether a mixture of raw materials was used.

To obtain FSC certification, a fair number of criteria must be met. These relate on the one hand to raw material purchasing, on the other to internal company processes with regard to further processing of the raw materials and labelling of the finished goods and the declaration in the shipping and invoice documents.

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