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UPA PACK: Your producer of individual transport protection

You need customised transport protection? You can rely on UPA PACK! We will produce suitable transport protection for your goods, precisely tailored to your requirements – fast and in top quality. Our “Passion for Paper” is the driver here: it helps us to continually develop further, seize new opportunities and help shape the world of tomorrow.

As market leader for edge protection, we are a reliable partner for numerous customers throughout Europe. As producer of sleeves and profiles, we will also produce individual special designs tailored to your needs.

We provide paper for you in top condition. Just get in touch!

Exactly as you need it

Your transport protection – our products

Edge protection

Ideal for transport and storage: our edge protection profiles optimally protect the corners and edges of your products.


Whether well packaged or perfectly wound: our spirally wound sleeves cover any application.

Interleaving sheets

From cover to interlayer: your products are well protected all round with the right interleaving sheets.


For particularly delicate surfaces and edges: our flat and U/L profiles provide suitable protection.

Are you seeking suitable transport protection?

Let us advise you!

We know that sometimes there are challenges that need to be met. This not only requires a powerful and efficient production, but also individual advice. This is why we have appointed contact partners for you. Whether you have questions about our products or would like to get a quote straight up: we provide expert assistance!

Your personal contact for your UPA-Pack product solution.



Sustainable protection


Paper in bestform

"Paper in its best form" is not just a slogan, but a promise. A promise that we will continue to strive to justify your trust and supply you with our outstanding products that exceed your expectations and delight you with every use.


For the Love of the Environment

A commitment to protect our environment and develop sustainable solutions that are meaningful both today and for future generations.


100% Recycling

We firmly believe that every product manufactured deserves a second chance at the end of its lifecycle. By promoting 100% recycling, we are committed to reducing the consumption of natural resources, minimizing waste, and decreasing our carbon footprint.

Start your career at UPA PACK

Become part of our family!

Paper is our passion. Family is also our focus – we mean your own, as well as our entire team. Because a strong team that sticks together is needed to achieve our goals. And because developing further also means growing further, we are looking for you to join our team!

Electrician (m/f/d)

We are seeking a reliable and qualified electrician to join our team and be responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems. In this role, you will contribute to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of our electrical systems.

Forwarding agent (m/f/d)

We are seeking a committed industrial clerk who optimally supports our operational processes and contributes to the efficient management of our business processes. In this versatile position, you will work closely with various departments and significantly contribute to the success of our company.

Industrial fitter (m/f/d)

We are looking for an experienced and qualified industrial mechanic responsible for the maintenance, repair, and servicing of our machinery and equipment. In this position, you will significantly contribute to ensuring smooth operations and avoiding production downtime.

Machine Operator (m/f/d)

We are seeking an experienced and reliable machine operator responsible for the safe and efficient operation of our production machines. In this role, you will play a crucial part in ensuring smooth operation of our manufacturing processes.

Plant Operator (m/f/d)

We are seeking a reliable and committed machine operator responsible for the smooth operation of our production facilities. In this role, you will play an important part in ensuring efficient and high-quality production.

Production assistant (m/f/d)

We are looking for motivated production assistants who support the smooth execution of our manufacturing processes. As a production assistant, you contribute to achieving our production goals and maintaining quality standards.

That is UPA PACK

Innovative, modern, familiar


Passion for paper meets modernity, innovation and family cohesion. This does describe us quite concisely and aptly. But of course, UPA PACK is much more than this. As successful producer of transport protection made of paper throughout Europe, and particularly as market leader for edge protection, we bear responsibility. Responsibility for our customers as much as our environment.

All our actions have the strategic aim of setting trends, rather than just following them. Because we believe that we can only carry on working efficiently and providing the service which meets our standards if we continuously develop further. This is the only way in which UPA PACK can provide you with individual transport protection of top quality for the best possible protection that you need.

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