Ideally stacked

With suitable protection for each layer

Interleaving sheets: Individually tailored to you

Optimum protection made of recycling paper

Stacking your products can result in undesirable damage. Dust and dirt can become an unpleasant problem when storing your goods. To prevent this, our interleaving sheets made of paper are perfectly suited. Whether it is as interlayer or cover: protect your products not only from damage and contamination. With our interleaving sheets in various strengths, you also stabilise the layers and thus prevent them from moving out of place.

We individually tailor the interleaving sheets to your requirements, so that you can optimally pack and protect your products. Just like all our paper products, our interleaving sheets are also made of 100% recycling paper. Thanks to our quality promise, they can also be used longer-term.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Reduces transport damage
  • Protects against dust and dirt
  • Stabilises individual layers
  • Prevents movement out of place
  • Individual production
  • Fast delivery times

Interleaving sheets – overview of specifications

Possible dimensions

Minimum: 300 x 300 mm

Maximum: 1500 x 2400 mm

Surface weights:
 from 100 g/m² to 800 g/m² (more surface weights on request)

high-quality fourdrinier carton




Paper in bestform

"Paper in its best form" is not just a slogan, but a promise. A promise that we will continue to strive to justify your trust and supply you with our outstanding products that exceed your expectations and delight you with every use.


For the Love of the Environment

A commitment to protect our environment and develop sustainable solutions that are meaningful both today and for future generations.


100% Recycling

We firmly believe that every product manufactured deserves a second chance at the end of its lifecycle. By promoting 100% recycling, we are committed to reducing the consumption of natural resources, minimizing waste, and decreasing our carbon footprint.

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