Quality, Speed, and Efficiency
are Our Strengths


Passionate. Innovative. Dynamic.

Passion for Paper – this is not only our driving force. Our passion for paper is also the cornerstone of our success as a producer of edge protectors, tubes, and profiles made of solid cardboard. This is impressively demonstrated by our development – despite our relatively young company history since Dmitri Balsam founded UPA PACK in 2009: From a regional three-man company to the European market leader for edge protection.

The foundation of our success is further strengthened by our dynamism and pursuit of innovation. Because society, technology, and the economy are in a constant process of change. And from the very beginning, we at UPA PACK have seen the opportunity to shape developments, actively influence them, and creatively design them.


Efficiency meets Quality

Through excellent collaboration between sales and production, we achieve maximum efficiency and can thus enable fast delivery times. In addition to expertise and innovation, customer service is also a key focus for us. From technical customer consultation to the finished custom product, we stand by our customers personally. Thanks to state-of-the-art facilities and our many years of experience as manufacturers, we produce innovative, high-quality products to meet the highest customer demands.

Production & Warehouse

Individual and innovative products delivered quickly - that's guaranteed by our well-coordinated combination of production and internal warehouse logistics.

Quality & Environment

As a well-known company throughout Europe, we not only focus on the highest quality, but also take responsibility and strive to be more sustainable.


Our philosophy shapes our actions.

Our company is constantly evolving. With this, new demands are placed on us. We continuously review our goals and strategies, adjust our structures, and strengthen our brand presence.

In this increasingly dynamic environment, we have set clear company vision and binding corporate guidelines. They encapsulate our understanding of ourselves as a company and provide guidance for the actions of our entire team. Because achieving our goals requires not only high performance but also the willingness of all to take responsibility and embody the core values of the company.

Our success is measured by the enthusiasm of our customers for our products and services. The high expectations of industry and trade for the UPA PACK brand pose a constant challenge. We convince with quality, expertise, and experience.

A strong market position can only be achieved in the long term with innovative and dedicated employees. Motivating them, fostering their team spirit, and promoting the achievement of personal and common goals is the primary task of our executives. In this responsibility, we manufacture our products exclusively in Germany, thereby creating not only secure, interesting jobs but also training young talents.

If we claim to have a leading position in the international markets, the task before us is to set trends instead of following them. Because those who aim to secure global competitive advantages in the future must not only recognize trends early but also shape them.

It is important to us to maintain the independence of the company and achieve long-term success. The basis for this is the long-term, successful, and good cooperation with our customers.

Since the founding of our company, we have combined ecology and economy through our tailored, resource-efficient production with the individual requirements of our customers. We sensitize employees, partners, suppliers, and customers to these issues and take responsibility for designing the best possible solutions. Respectful interaction with people and nature is the binding guideline of our company.

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