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Edge protection: Individually manufactured for you

Quality products made of solid board

Trust in our edge protection for the protection of your products! Edges and corners are exposed areas per se, thus making them susceptible to damage. Therefore, optimum packaging is needed as protection during transport. We produce the edge protection profiles individually for you from solid board, which are exactly tailored to your requirements – in top quality and delivered quickly.

Your products and pallets are equally well protected during storage with our edge protection products. The right packaging plays an important role here as well to prevent damage.

By the way: our edge protection products are made from 100% recycled paper. This means they can be disposed of easily and environmentally friendly as recovered paper.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Protects corners and edges during transport and storage
  • Stabilises pallets and packages
  • Strengthens packaging
  • Reduces transport damage
  • Replaces expensive or excess packaging material
  • Individual production
  • Fast delivery times

Why edge protection made of solid board?

Whether in use horizontally or vertically: with edge protection products from UPA PACK you are not only protecting particularly susceptible corners and edges against damage and deformation. Our products made of solid board also guarantee sturdy protection against moving out of place. Our edge protection also prevents gashing when used horizontally through straps or tension belts.

Also good to know: you can also significantly increase the stackability of folded boxes with this. To achieve this, simply affix our edge protection profiles on the outside and inside of the boxes.

Roll edge protection: ideal protection for curved edges

The right edge protection for every roll: whether it is paper, fleece, foil or metal rolls – delicate roll materials also need optimum protection to minimise transport damage. For this, we will individually produce roll edge protection profiles for you, which will precisely be tailored to your winding material and requirements. Thanks to its high flexibility, our roll edge protection secures your rolled goods with a perfect fit.


Edge protection from UPA PACK

Colored edge protection.

Sturdy protection made of solid cardboard for edges.

Self-adhesive edge protection.

Suitable for applications in many industries.

Water-resistant edge protection.

Suitable for any situation: protects against damage or dirt.

Printed edge protection.

Customized protection for particularly sensitive areas.

Our edge protection products – overview of specifications

Possible dimensions

Length: from 30 mm to 7000 mm

Thickness: from 1.5 mm to 10 mm

Length: from 1000 mm to 6000 mm

Thickness: from 1.5 mm to 3 mm

Flank width:

30 x 30

35 x 35

45 x 45

50 x 50

55 x 55

60 x 60

70 x 70

75 x 75

80 x 80

100 x 100

  • brown or coloured cover sheet
  • PE-coated (water-repellent)      
  • self-adhesive (inside/outside one-sided, edge protection profiles also double-sided) 
  • printed according to specification
  • scalene


You can also get our edge protection printed in multiple colors. This allows you to adapt the color of your product protection to your corporate design. For all other specifications, please refer to the general information about our edge protection products.


Secure edge protection without slipping: Our edge protection can have adhesive strips applied on both the outside and inside, on one or both legs. Our self-adhesive edge protection is easy to handle.

You can find all other specifications in the general information about our edge protection products.


Our edge protection products in your corporate design. UPA PACK offers you the opportunity to have your edge protection custom printed. Whether you want to print your logo, key visuals, or other designs on your edge protection - the possibilities are endless.

Do you have any questions about our offer or would you like individual advice? Our experienced team is happy to assist you! We look forward to your INQUIRY..

You can find all other specifications in the general information about our edge protection products.


With a PE-coated cover sheet, we can make our edge protection products water-repellent. This makes them more resistant to splash water and high humidity.

They still have the same product features and benefits as all our edge protection angles, but are particularly suitable for pallets that need to be stored in refrigerated warehouses or outdoors.

You can find all other specifications in the general information about our edge protection products.


Sustainable protection


Paper in bestform

"Paper in its best form" is not just a slogan, but a promise. A promise that we will continue to strive to justify your trust and supply you with our outstanding products that exceed your expectations and delight you with every use.


For the Love of the Environment

A commitment to protect our environment and develop sustainable solutions that are meaningful both today and for future generations.


100% Recycling

We firmly believe that every product manufactured deserves a second chance at the end of its lifecycle. By promoting 100% recycling, we are committed to reducing the consumption of natural resources, minimizing waste, and decreasing our carbon footprint.

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