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Perfectly wound & ideal for any application

Sleeves: Individually manufactured for you

Spirally wound quality products made of paper

Our sleeves are going around – this means they are ideally suited to any application and many industries. Whether it is as protection for safe dispatch of your long goods or as winding core for production of your web materials: we will produce sleeve products that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements. We guarantee you top quality and fast delivery.

In addition to laminated paper sleeves, sleeve rings and mailing tubes, quarter shell and half shell sleeves are also included in our product portfolio. In addition, our spirally wound sleeve products are made of 100% recycling paper. This means they can be disposed of easily as recovered paper

Advantages at a glance:

  • Protected dispatch of delicate goods
  • Basis for your winding material with a perfect fit
  • Stabilised system packaging
  • Reduces transport damage
  • Individual production
  • Fast delivery times

Your individual sleeve products

Mailing tubes

Mailing tubes are a conventionally proven.

Laminated paper sleeves

We provide a matching laminated paper sleeve.

Quarter shell & half shell sleeves

Our quarter shell & half shell sleeves

Sleeve rings

Sleeve rings from UPA PACK

Mailing tubes

Mailing tubes are a conventionally proven way to package and send your products safely and reasonably. Our mailing tubes customised for you are ideally suited to the packaging and sending of long goods (ledges, profiles etc.), cylindrical packaged goods. But your marketing materials, drawings and other various rollable materials, which are not to be creased, are also perfectly protected in these.

Matching caps made of plastic (PE-white) will be included loosely with the delivery, or already affixed on one side.

Laminated paper sleeves

We provide a matching laminated paper sleeve for all winding material. After all, a winding core must withstand the specific strains of the respective winding material. The range of application for our sleeves extends to any web material, such as paper, foil, textiles, fleece materials, labels and metals.

Our laminated paper sleeves are also ideally suited to specific requirements: from display sleeves as unbeatable constructive element for your POS displays up to support sleeves as reinforcement for highest strains of your system packaging.

Quarter shell & half shell sleeves

Our quarter shell & half shell sleeves are versatile products for edge protection. They are predestined for use on the standard 1 m³ containers (IBC), to protect the bubble against damage from straps. But they can also solve other varied packaging tasks. They ensure best protection for textile load securing equipment as well, to prevent this from getting damaged by sharp-edged packaged goods.

Furthermore, our quarter shells are used for the pallet securing of bagged cargo and non-dimensionally stable packaged goods such as textile bales, as the form of the goods to be secured is absorbed here.

They are not only stable packaging material or load securing equipment, but also cost-effective. Also good to know: with a return system in place, our quarter shell & half shell sleeves can also be used multiple times.

Sleeve rings

Sleeve rings from UPA PACK are used wherever narrow webs are wound, whether this is for manufacturers of labels or adhesive tape, textile tape or foil. Our sleeve rings are produced on state-of-the-art automatic cutting machines, with which clean edges as well as the narrowest production tolerances can be realised. We will tailor even the smallest dimensions to your requirements.

Our sleeve products – overview of specifications

Possible dimensions

Length: from 100 mm to 6000 mm                      

Thickness: from 2 mm to 15 mm                 

Thickness: from 40 mm to 300 mm

Length:  from 150 mm to 2200 mm                    

Wall thickness: from 1.5 mm to 15 mm              

Inside diameter (undivided sleeve): from 40 mm to 201 mm

Length: from 5 mm to 350 mm                      

Thickness: from 1 mm to 15 mm

  • brown or coloured outer web
  • grey or coloured inner web
  • printed according to specification
  • PE-coated outer web
  • outside with spirally applied adhesive strip


Sustainable protection


Paper in bestform

"Paper in its best form" is not just a slogan, but a promise. A promise that we will continue to strive to justify your trust and supply you with our outstanding products that exceed your expectations and delight you with every use.


For the Love of the Environment

A commitment to protect our environment and develop sustainable solutions that are meaningful both today and for future generations.


100% Recycling

We firmly believe that every product manufactured deserves a second chance at the end of its lifecycle. By promoting 100% recycling, we are committed to reducing the consumption of natural resources, minimizing waste, and decreasing our carbon footprint.

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